Auxiliary Police
LDP’s Auxiliary Police is a 24-hour patrol team provided by LITRAK to assist our road users during emergencies along LDP Highway. To ensure a safe and comfortable journey for our road users, we provide a free-of-charge and around-the-clock patrol service; ever ready to take action and assist whenever needed. LDP’s Auxiliary Police can be reached through our speed dial – LITRAK Helpline; 03-7494 7333. LITRAK Helpline also serves as an information channel for any inquiries and support related to LDP.
Traffic Surveillance Control
The Traffic Surveillance Control is a comprehensive traffic management system in operation along LDP – helps to ensure that 24/7 efficient surveillance and updated feedback are evidently received by LITRAK’s Traffic Controller team. Acting as our ‘eagle eye’, LITRAK’s Traffic Surveillance Control ensure that traffic flow is properly monitored and recorded. With this, any traffic flow anomalies on LDP will be detected almost immediately and reach users on time. LITRAK’s Traffic Surveillance Control services include...
Touch ‘n Go Reload & Frequent Traveller Programme (FTP) Redemption Counter

For a smoother journey on LDP, we have made available ETC lanes of Touch ‘n Go & SMART Tag for users. Hassle free and time saving, users travelling on LDP can now reload or redeem Touch ‘n Go rebates under Litrak’s Frequent Traveller Programme (FTP) at our Reload Centre as per below location:

Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan Plaza Tol...

Lay-Bys and Rest Areas
Lay-bys facilities are also made available for users travelling along LDP’s 40KM alignment. Our lay-bys offer an array of facilities, including food stalls, clean public restrooms, public telephone booths, suraus, parking bays and also petrol stations.