Lay-bys facilities are also made available for users travelling along LDP’s 40KM alignment. Our lay-bys offer an array of facilities, including food stalls, clean public restrooms, public telephone booths, suraus, parking bays and also petrol stations.

With its aesthetic landscape and well maintained facilities, the lay-bys are situated strategically along LDP’s alignment, between each LDP toll plazas for users’ convenience to drop by at any time of the day. Locations of each lay-bys are listed below:

  1. Lay-by 1: Penchala (KM 0.4, Northbound Toll Plaza Penchala)
  2. Lay-by 2: Petaling Jaya (KM 19.2, Northbound Toll Plaza Petaling Jaya)
  3. Lay-by 3: Petaling Jaya next to McDonald (KM 18.9, Southbound Toll Plaza Petaling Jaya)
  4. Lay-by 4: Ayer Hitam (KM 32.0, Northbound Toll Plaza Puchong Selatan)
  5. Lay-by 5: Puchong Selatan (KM 30.2, Southbound Toll Plaza Puchong Selatan)