The Traffic Surveillance Control is a comprehensive traffic management system in operation along SPRINT Highway – helps to ensure that 24/7 efficient surveillance and updated feedback are evidently received by SPRINT Traffic Controller team. Acted as our ‘eagle eye’, SPRINT Traffic Surveillance Control ensure that traffic flow are properly monitored and recorded. With this, any traffic flow anomalies at SPRINT Highway will be detected almost immediately and reach users on time. SPRINT Traffic Surveillance Control service includes;

  1. Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCSS) used to monitor traffic controller and Variable Message Signs (VMS) display boards installed along SPRINT Highway as well as observe the traffic counting, congestion detector and data transmission system.
  2. Closed Circuit TVs (CCTV) are installed at strategic points along the SPRINT Highway to monitor traffic situation for traffic updates.
  3. Variable Message Signs (VMS) display boards are located at the designated locations along the SPRINT Highways to provide real-time traffic events.
  4. Enhanced Vehicle Actuation (EVA) system are used to read and manage traffic volumes at signalised traffic junctions by controlling the ‘green time’ of traffic signals.
  5. Electric Toll Collection (ETC) system whereby prepaid electronic toll services (Smart Tag and Touch and Go) are provided at dedicated toll lanes conveniently for SPRINT users without having to stop and queue at the cash toll lanes.

SPRINT Traffic Surveillance Control are currently located at SPRINT Headquarter, Section 17. To secure confidentiality, the control room is a ‘no-entry’ site, accessible only for official authorities and limited number of authorised SPRINT personnel.