Majlis Ibadah Korban LITRAK & SPRINT 2011

11 Aug 2011


MANY companies in Malaysia have generated lucrative revenue in various economic sector since the economic growth has brought prosperity and better quality of life to all segments of society for the nation. Giant companies have secured the huge benefits from Malaysia’s investment climate, as well as the small companies. That tells the impact of government’s effectiveness who had successfully turned out the nation to a goldmine for many people. Despite having the chance to make our life better, have we given our deep concern for the underprivileged and Corporate Responsibility?

This is often practiced by LITRAK Group, the company that operates two highways which are Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) and SPRINT for more than a decade ago. The Company hardly missed to celebrate all major festival in the country, especially for the underprivileged. LITRAK Group believes that the conventional perception where tolled highway is only collecting money is simply not true due to the fact that a highway operator like LITRAK Group is also taking care of human welfare at all times.

Sazally Saidi, LITRAK Group Chief Executive Officer of LITRAK Group said, “The slaughtering event for this year has been intensified through a larger segment. We do not just donate the animals to be sacrificed but it has been further reinforced by having the ceremony in LITRAK, developed jointly event with the Resident Associations along the LDP and SPRINT’s alignment and also the employees of the Company. Not just only that, on top of the meat distribution which is very common, we also decided to hold a soup cooking segment to be served to all guests.”

Two resident associations were invited for this year; Sg Kayu Ara Resident Association, represented by En Ramli bin Hj Daud and Surau Hafiziah Taman Bukit Kuchai, Puchong, represented by Tn Hj Ahmad bin Mansor. The interesting part, a total of 14 employees of the Company have been selected to receive the meat based on several criteria such as their length of service, current job grade and number of dependants.

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