LITRAK Group organises Break Fast event

31 Jul 2013


LITRAK Group takes the opportunity to perform its Corporate Responsibility (CR) during each festive season to show their commitments towards the community especially for the underprivileged youngsters.

The first event for the day was the presentation of Appreciation Award to ‘Kumpulan Inovasi & Kreatif (KIK) 2012’, official hand-over ceremony of Mitsubishi Lancer to EMPV Unit of PDRM and presentation of ‘duit raya’ to some 34 children from Rumah Amal Nur Muhammad, Subang Murni which was officiated by Director General of Malaysian Highway Authority Dato’ Ir Hj Ismail Md Salleh at the event.

‘Kumpulan Inovasi & Kreatif’ is actually a team of staffs who is representing the Company in exploring and developing a new way of performing daily tasks at work. The selected team will then be competing in a competition with other teams from all concessions which is organized by Malaysian Highway Authority. In 2012, LITRAK won the 2nd place and therefore the Company decided to award the participants for their effort.

The second part of the programme was the hand-over ceremony of Mitsubishi Lancer to EMPV Unit of PDRM. For information, LITRAK Group is sponsoring 5 units of Mitsubishi Lancer to EMPV Unit for the purpose of patrolling the highway in ensuring the highway is safe for the highway users.

The final segment of the event was the presentation of ‘duit raya’ to 34 children from a charity home, Rumah Amal Nur Muhammad from Subang Murni where they received ‘duit raya’. Prior to this, they were taken to Jusco One Utama to buy new clothes and shoes with an allocation of RM180 per person.

LITRAK Group Executive Director, Tn Ir. Hj Yusoff in his speech said the charity component of the event is undertaken in collaboration with LITRAK sports club. “We are committed to continue this tradition as it gives the chance to strengthen the ties with the community. All groups of people, regardless their age, race and religion deserve to feel the happiness”, he said.

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