Contra Flow On LDP For Putrajaya/Shah Alam Bound Traffic To Kelana Jaya

03 Dec 2014

Relieving traffic congestion at this intra-urban highway is a very challenging one for us at LITRAK. However as part of our continuous effort to improve our services to our highway users, we will be introducing the Contra Flow Scheme at which will be implemented on the 8th December 2014.

After successfully implementing several traffic scheme previously namely Bandar Utama Traffic Channelization, Motorola to Federal Highway Channelization and Puchong Jaya Channelization, LITRAK is moving forward to implement another new traffic scheme to help its highway users from Puchong/ Putrajaya/ Shah Alam bound users towards Kelana Jaya.

The new Contra-flow scheme starts at KM21.0 (opposite UOB and HSBC (bank’s), right after the IOI Mall, Puchong and users are advised to keep to the most right lane to enter the Contra Flow lane. With the implementation of Contra Flow, LDP users from Puchong/ Putrajaya/ Shah Alam heading to Kelana Jaya will be able to by-pass the heavy traffic between Puchong Jaya and Petaling Jaya Toll Plaza (3KM) during the morning peak. The exit of the Contra Flow is at KM18.0 and the dedicated lane for the contra flow is meant for light vehicles only (cars only).

To create awareness to our highway users, Litrak has carried out the following promotion, a week before the implementation;


Highway Users Promotional Item Message
Putrajaya to Kelana Jaya

(Bandar Puteri/ Puchong Perdana/ Serdang/ Kajang)

Banners at Petaling Jaya Selatan, Puchong Barat and Puchong Selatan Toll Plazas and pedestrian bridges. Buntings on median street lights from Kg. Bharu Puchong and after Puchong Barat Toll until KM 21.5 Contra Flow Lane To Kelana Jaya At KM21.0

Monday – Friday

(6.30am – 9.30am) For TnGo Users Only (cars only)

Shah Alam to Kelana Jaya

(Putra Heights/ USJ/ Alam Megah)

Kelana Jaya to Sunway/ KESAS

(Damansara/ Petaling Jaya/ Sunway)

Banners at pedestrian bridges from Kg. Chempaka and buntings from Jalan Majlis Interchange until Petaling Jaya Selatan Toll Plaza Toll Plaza A

At Petaling Jaya Toll Plaza Closed. Monday – Friday (6.30am – 9.30am). Please Use Plaza B


The Contra-flow, aimed at improving the traffic flow on LDP from Putrajaya/ Shah Alam bound users towards Kelana Jaya direction which involve the complete closure Plaza A in the opposite direction from Sunway. Thus, highway users from Sunway to Puchong/ KESAS are advised to use Plaza B during the Contra Flow (6.30 am ¨C- 9.30 am).

Speaking to reporters during the Press Conference to announce the contra-flow traffic, LITRAK Chief Executive Officer Sazally Saidi said the effort involves extensive preparation and dispensation of huge number of manpower on site.

“We have been studying this option for months now and theoretically the contra-flow should work based on the studies. We are certain that with additional lanes provided for the Puchong Perdana /Putrajaya bound traffic, the traffic flow in Puchong will improve,” he said.

He said as in any new traffic scheme, there could be minor hiccups as roads users will need a few days to get accustomed to the system.

“To a large extent, we will have to depend on the road users to be vigilant, adhere to signs posted and be at the correct lanes according to their destination for this system to work entirely,” he said.

Sazally said the contra-flow traffic system will begin on 8 December (Monday), 2014 from 6.30 am until 9.30 am daily accept Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays.

The Highway Ronda team will be stationed at strategic locations and users are advised to adhere to the signage’s erected along the stretch to guide roads users. For any traffic info, please call our LDP Helpline at 03-7494 7333.

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