A Win-Win Football Match

25 Mar 2006


LITRAK Group may have lost 1-3 to Permai Indah FC in a football match held on March 25, but what actually transpired from the game was a win-win situation.

The Permai Indah FC which represented the Jawatankuasa Penduduk (JKP) Puchong Zone 16 (Puchong Indah and Puchong Intan) played a superb game to claim victory, but LITRAK group players and supporters had nothing to be disappointed either as they have got to meet friendly people of Puchong.

“It is not much of a football game, but the relationship that we established this morning,” said En Abd Hamid Yusof. Chairperson of the JKP Puchong Zone 16.

The game was organized by LITRAK as to enhance relationship with residents associations along the Lebuhraya Damansara ¨C Puchong (LDP).

Apart from enjoying refreshment after the game, Permai Indah FC player also received a new set of jersey which was contributed by LITRAK.

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